Nicolas A. Morales 

Good evening everyone, This is Nicolas Morales. I just wanted to personally reach out really quick to say thank you for everything from the past employment and outstanding training ESS and all the instructors provided. Before attending ESS I obviously knew that protection is what I wanted to do for my career. Before parting from ESS I started to want more so I decided to go back to school for Homeland Security and I’m minoring in counterterrorism and critical infrastructure.  I also just applied to two internships one with the US Department of State working with DSS and the other with the DOD. Hopefully I’ll also be able to obtain the Clark DS fellowship with the Department of state. The reason I’m reaching out to inform all of you on this is simply because I wanted to once again say thank you. Because of ESS, I am now on the path to an outstanding career. Ever since I graduated with ESS I’ve told many people about my time there training and how amazing and knowledgeable the team is and I can definitely say the company will always be in my story. I hope everyone is doing well and if you guys ever need anything let me know.

Nicolas A. Morales

Nicholas Howell

I attended ESS Global Academy during their July 2022 course and was exceptionally pleased with the training offered. Every instructor did a good job passing along information and experience to the students. If you’re looking into becoming an executive protection agent ESS will help teach you, not only the refined hard skills but also the interpersonal skills needed to successfully conduct EP operations. I look forward to seeing this school continue to grow and plan on taking any new trainings they will offer in the future.



Juan Jaimes

After all of years of military and law enforcement experience I wanted to find a field/career that could provide me with the same level of pride and satisfaction; and Executive Protection was the answer for me.

After extensive research of schools, academies and training locations across the country, I made the decision to attend ESS Academy; and I am so glad I did.

The training, staff and trainers were all above anything I ever expected. From day one until the last day of graduation everyone was committed to the student’s success and learning. I’ve attended many training courses over the years for different lines of work, but at ESS, they really made me feel like family; they cared about your success not only in the classroom, but in life (family) in general. They were always making sure to help with anything we needed in and out of the classroom.

They are committed to a higher level of training and success, and I definitely recommend anyone that wishes to start their career to give them a call and see for yourself. Thank you to Theo and the whole ESS team…

Myron Fonseca

Colonel Myron Fonseca

Retired Army Colonel

Every Instructor was very knowledgeable in each topic they taught, demanding excellence in our performance and at the end of the day they wanted MORE. 28 days of intense training helping me develop high standards for every scenario on the range, in the classroom or in motorcade movements. GI Bill supports this training and well worth it for making a career move into the Security Industry. Working as a TEAM concept from Day 1 to graduation enforces the phrase “Got Your 6”.
As an Retired Army Colonel, I’m still updating my skill set for perfect execution.


Jamie Sclater

United States Navy Hospital Corpsman

“Incredible cadre of Instructors who truly exemplify their ethos of Integrity; Professionalism; Attention to Detail; and Leading by example. No matter the course; the mission; the client or their fellow Agents – ESS continues to shine as an example of who we should strive to be not only during a mission but while at home with our families. Dedicated to mission success by preparation via a thorough Advance. ‘Demand excellence of those around by FIRST, Demanding excellence of yourself!”


James Durden


“The training I received here was an amazing experience. I made new friends and new business partners. The instructors were well prepared, and full of knowledge that they were eager to pass on to myself and the other students. I am grateful to them and look forward to working with them in the future. Thank you ESS Global and God Bless.”

Ian Hayden

Ian Hayden

United States Navy & Pilot

“ My experience at ESS has been an amazing learning experience. For being in the Navy for 6.5 years I personally believe that I have learned more about attention to detail. How to deal with personnel who are not compliment in a proper way. As well as how to be completely aware of your surroundings at all times. I really wish that more people who join the military go through this training. Mostly due to the fact that this training can not only save you but your family and friends. The company also cares for you it is not like other companies where you are just a number they actually care for you. ”


Brandon Sillie


“Attending this program was an amazing experience. The instructors are of the highest caliber and their dedication to the students was shown through pure professionalism. I highly recommend this school. The team here is high energy and full of uplifting positivity everyday.”

Kelly Alliegro New

Kelly Alleigro

United States Airforce Aviation Mechanic

“I’ve just participated in the ESS Global Corp “all in one” Executive Protection training course. I’m an Aviation Mechanic with no prior experience in Close Protection or security. I was a bit nervous when I arrived and saw the experience level of some of my classmates, but throughout the course I’ve grown confident in myself and my skill set. Each instructor had a way of explaining things so we could all comprehend (no matter the experience level). Tons of practical application was helpful as well. Everyone I’ve encountered within the company has been extremely respectful and professional; truly how I aspire to be. I did quite a bit of research before I chose this school. Although there are several reputable schools around the world (ESS among them), I have no doubt that I’ve chosen correctly. 10/10 would recommend! ”


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