Nicolas A. Morales 

Good evening everyone, This is Nicolas Morales. I just wanted to personally reach out really quick to say thank you for everything from the past employment and outstanding training ESS and all the instructors provided. Before attending ESS I obviously knew that protection is what I wanted to do for my career. Before parting from ESS I started to want more so I decided to go back to school for Homeland Security and I’m minoring in counterterrorism and critical infrastructure.  I also just applied to two internships one with the US Department of State working with DSS and the other with the DOD. Hopefully I’ll also be able to obtain the Clark DS fellowship with the Department of state. The reason I’m reaching out to inform all of you on this is simply because I wanted to once again say thank you. Because of ESS, I am now on the path to an outstanding career. Ever since I graduated with ESS I’ve told many people about my time there training and how amazing and knowledgeable the team is and I can definitely say the company will always be in my story. I hope everyone is doing well and if you guys ever need anything let me know.

Nicolas A. Morales

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