Amaury Doble Rivera

Amaury “Canik” Doble Rivera

33, Personal Trainer, Active Duty, Search and

Rescue Specialist, Executive Protection

Specialist, High Threat Security Operator,

Level 3 Interpreter (Spanish)


When I was young, I always liked individual contact sports and my grandmother decided to give me a chance in martial arts, because I was “husky and strong”, well, she wasn’t wrong, I liked it so much I stayed for 1 1 years in the sport. This led me to become a personal fitness trainer and for 10+ years help improve other people’s life. Time later in life, after the disastrous hurricane Maria struck the island, I discover I had another calling, that’s when I decided to join the US Coast Guard lifesaving service.


Commended five times with the Coast Guard’s Letter of Commendation award for outstanding performance on SAR operations I decided to stand up my game to the next level; I decided to become a protector. This led me to enroll into the ESS Executive Protection “All in One” course and High Threat Security Operations course. Being around the amazing group of people that I had the opportunity to be, I realized we are a different kind of breed, we have been the ones that are working tireless behind the scenes, the ones that are quietly watching and the ones that speak when no one else does. Thanks to the ESS family I realized that I was always serving the call to my family and my country, I was a protector, I just leveled up and became better one. 

Now, my main goal is to help all veterans and civilians who are interested in joining this fast-paced evolving security industry branch to keep up with the daily challenges and your client’s needs and the responsibility to not only be able to perform for someone else’s safety but for yours as well. You will become faster, smarter, stronger and build your confidence for every situation. You will become part of a team, build trust in your teammates and trust your skills.

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